The CheckMate™ model CKM3500 kit comes with both the CKM1500 & CKM2000 model canisters, and one friction plate.  Works with 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2" Watts 009 check valves.

The CheckMate™ canister houses the complete check module, protecting technicians from brittle and broken spring retainers while also adding a comfortable ergonomic grip. The friction plate is used by the other hand or on a sturdy surface to apply pressure to the check seat while stabilizing the CheckMate™ canister to more easily and safely assemble and disassemble Watts 009 check seats. Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty.
Kit Includes: 
1 Canister for 1¼" - 1½", 1 Canister for 2", 1 Friction Plate, and 1 Carrying Bag
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