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Blue Monster Citrus Scrubs Towels #77095
Qty 75 10" x 12" Towels 

BLUE MONSTER scrubbing towels are pre-moistened, heavy-duty cleaning towels dispensed from a handy, fip-top container. They are saturated with a safe, effective cleaning solution combined with a tough, dualtextured towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease leaving your hands clean. One side is rough for scrubbing and the other side is smooth. These towels require no water and leave hands feeling conditioned and clean with no left-over residue.

Blue Monster Heavy-Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towels Keep hands, tools and hard surfaces clean from...
• Adhesives • Asphalt • Heavy Soil
• Flux • Grease • Grime • Oils & Inks
• Paint • Pipe Dope • Tar • Lubricants
• Caulk • Pipe Cements • Urethanes & More

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