Blue Monster: "Power-Deuce" Copper Cleaning Wire Brush Set  for 1/2" - 1" Copper Pipe and Fittings

The Power-Deuce is a multi-function brushing tool that prepares the inside of copper fittings and outside of copper tubing without having to change tools. Plus, if your drill quits, you can use it as a hand tool. It's fast and easy - saving time and money.

The Power-Deuce is a self-cleaning brush with rust proof, stainless steel bristles for plumbing and HVAC projects. The brush actually removes copper residue and any buildup when you you switch from a fitting brush to the OD cleaning brush. A heavy-duty ABS housing is impact resistant and protects bristles so they retain their shape and prolongs brush life.


Kit Includes:
One brush attachement of each size: ½", ¾", and 1", and Carrying Case
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