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Pipe Wrap Tape

T Christy's Pipe Wrap Tape 2" x 100 ft  # TA-33-PW21

Cold Weather Resistant, Strong Adhesion, 100% Waterproof, Non-Corrosive to Metal 

Christy’s™ Pipe Wrap tape consists of a stabilized, plasticized PVC film with a hightack adhesive backing. It provides a superior moisture and corrosion barrier on many types of piping uses, including both exposed and direct burial applications. Christy’s™ Pipe Wrap tape provides optimum protection when used in conjunction with Christy’s™ Prime-It™ Pipewrap Primer (Prime-It™ provides superior adhesion while increasing overall corrosion resistance). Product Code No. 205 - 202 - 204 pipewrap (413 printed vinyl identification tape). 

Can be used on all types of pipe and fittings, including steel, galvanized, electrical conduit, cast and ductile iron. Christy’s™ Pipe Wrap tape is listed by the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and carries the shield. Christy’s™ Pipe Wrap tape: • Provides excellent insulating capacities and superior abrasion resistance. • Resists/reduces corrosion problems caused by salts, salt water, soil acids and alkalis. • Provides a dielectric barrier between the pipe and soil. • Resists common chemicals and vapors and protects against fungus and bacteria imany applications. • Remains pliable in a wide range of temperature and working environments while providing increased UV and weathering protection. The physical and performance properties shown are averages obtained from tests recommended by ASTM-1000, or our own procedures. A particular roll may vary slightly from these averages. It is recommended that the buyer determine the suitability for his own purposes.
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