95/5 Solder  .117" ga Lead Free 1lb (95% Tin - 5% antimony)

  • The plumber's LEAD-FREE solder of preference.
  • Premium price value.
  • A silver/tin/copper enhanced alloy.
  • Carries 25% more feet of solder per pound than 50/50.
  • Made from the highest grade virgin metals.
  • Meets all state and federal specifications for sanitary and potable water applications.
  • Free of lead, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, and nickel.
  • Ideal product where nontoxic lead-free soldering is required.
  • Excellent high temperature strength.
  • The product of choice when forming a fillet.
  • The best general purpose, high quality lead-free replacement for 50/50 solder.
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