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HMBS:  Hydrant Meter Backflow Package w/ Stand
This package is perfect for when your jobsite calls for the use of a backflow assembly to protect the metered Hydrant water. This package includes most of what you need to get your water supply hooked up fast!  You can use this setup over and over again at your various job sites.

*Meter NOT included, check with your water purveyor
*Municipalites may require unique fittings not provided in this package
*Ships partially assembled

Package Includes:
(1) 2" A.R.I. RP-500 Anti Theft Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly
(1) Stand assembly
(1) 2" x 4" galvanized nipple
(2) 2" x 6" galvanized nipples
(1) 2½" x 2" Galvanized Male Bushing
(1) 2½" x 2" galvanized mall reducer coupling
(1) 2" Brass Gate Valve
(3) ¼" x ¼" Brass Flare Fittings 
(3) ¼" Brass Flare Caps
(1) ¼" Brass Plug

Hydrant Meter Backflows

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