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4A-500 PVB - 1 1/2"


Apollo-Conbraco: 1 1/2" 4A-500 Series Pressure Vacuum Breaker

SKU 4A-507-A2


Non-Lead Free
Made in the USA  - Pressure Vacuum Breaker, Bronze Body, Modular Cartridge Check with replaceable seats & Reversible Silicone Seat Disc, Freeze Resistant Feature, SS Handles & Trim, ½” to 2” with Apollo ball valve shutoffs with SS handles + trim

The modular check valve cartridge provides a captured spring, a replaceable seat, and a reversible silicone seat disc. This Made in America assembly features ball valve shutoffs with stainless steel handles and nuts as standard and carries the five-year Apollo® factory warranty. 

• Low pressure loss documented by independent approval agencies
• Built-in freeze resistance feature standard
• Easily removable modular check valve cartridge
• Captured stainless steel springs
• Ball valve shutoffs w/ SS handles & nuts standard
• Test cocks located for easy draining
• Corrosion resistant
• No special tools required
• Unique canopy detachment
• Made in the USA
• Vertical up / Horizontal installation 

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