4ALF-200 RP - 1 1/2"
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Apollo-Conbraco: 1 1/2" 4ALF-200 Series Lead Free Reduced Pressure Zone 
SKU 4ALF-207-A2F

The Apollo® Model RPLF4A Lead Free* Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers provide maximum 
protection of the potable water supply due to back-siphonage or backpressure from substances 
that are hazardous to the potable water supply. The top accessed modular check valve cartridges 
provide captured springs, replaceable seats and reversible silicone seat discs. This Made in 
America assembly features Apollo® ball valves with stainless steel handles and nuts as standard 
and carries the five-year Apollo® factory warranty.

• Low pressure loss documented by independent approval agencies 
• Easily removable modular check valve cartridge 
• Captured stainless steel springs 
• Apollo ball valves w/ SS handles & nuts standard 
• Top-mounted test cocks for easy testing 
• Modular Relief Valve 
• Chloramine-resistant elastomers 
• No special tools required 
• Designed, cast, machined, assembled and tested         

Reduced Pressure Assembly

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