Pipeline Products: 4" - 10" Valve Stem Guard  for an OS&Y Gate Valve

Fits most 4″ thru 10″ OS&Y Stems

SECURE: Steel cover installed with two security pinin-hex style allen bolts. There is also a tab under the assembly for a customer supplied padlock. A hex key is provided with each valve guard.

FUNCTIONAL: The valve is fully operational with the cover installed. The steel housing has a laser-cut oval opening to allow viewing of the valve stem position.

HIGH-QUALITY: Fully welded steel housing with UV resistant powder coated finish for years of ser vice. Stainless security bolts for corrosion resistance.

HIGH VISIBILITY: Conspicuous cover will cause most thieves to move on to easier targets.

COST EFFECTIVE: Simple and economical product to help avoid a very expensive par ts and labor bill to rebuild a large OS&Y valve.

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