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Febco: 3" LF866-FS Lead Free Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly with Domestic OSY Gate Valves, Gallons per Minute Bypass Meter, and Integrated Flood Sensor

SKU F683172 {C}

Call for CFM Model: SKU F683173 (same price) {C}


MasterSeries LF866-FS Lead Free* reduced pressure zone detector assembly backflow preventers help protect against high hazard (toxic) fluids in water services to industrial installations and applications. Features Lead Free* construction to comply with low lead installation requirements.

Improved with a stainless-steel relief valve seat, this rugged assembly yields greater dependability and extended valve life. Fitted with OSY shutoff valves. Maximum working pressure is 175 psi (12.1 bar).

The ductile iron body is fused with ArmorTek™ coating technology to resist corrosion due to microbial induced corrosion (MIC) or exposed metal substrate.

This series features an integrated flood sensor with SentryPlus Alert® Technology to detect excessive water discharges from the relief valve. Activated through an add-on connection kit, the sensor can trigger the alert system sending notification of flood detection to facility personnel. Connection kits are available for BMS and cellular communication.

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