LF856 DCDA OSY GPM - 10"

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Febco: 10" LF856 Double Check Detector Assembly with OSY Gate Valves and Gallons per Minute Bypass Meter

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The lead free MasterSeries® double check detector backflow preventer assembly prevents the backflow of pollutants due to backsiphonage and or backpressure that are objectionable but not toxic, from entering into the potable water supply. It is ideal for protection of non-health hazard cross-connections or for containment at the service line entrance. It is used primarily on fire sprinkler and standpipe systems requiring detection of unauthorized water use. This assembly consists of ductile iron fused epoxy coated body construction using ArmorTek coating technology for advanced corrosion resistance, two in-line independent check valves, replaceable stainless steel check seats, outside stem and yoke resilient seated domestic gate valve shutoff valves, gallons per minute metered bypass and ball valve test cocks. The maximum working pressure is 175 psi (12.06 bar).
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