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Beeco: 6" FRP-SS (Barracuda 40) Stainless Steel Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly with NRS Gate Valves 


The Barracuda Reduced Pressure Zone (RP) valve shall utilize two independent Dual Action Check modules and two integral resiliently seated shut-off valves all of which shall be contained within
a single rigid valve housing constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel. Dual Action Check modules shall operate as a “poppet style” check under low flow conditions, operate as a “swing style” check under high flow conditions and utilize replaceable silicone elastomer sealing discs. Valve assembly shall include two resiliently seated and inline serviceable AWWA C509 gate valves of type non rising stem (NRS). Both gate valves shall include a stainless steel stem. Assembly test cocks shall be handle-less and operate via a tamper resistant actuator. Assembly shall have a single full access service port and cover with an “inline” replaceable elastomer seal. Relief Valve shall operate using only static seals (zero dynamic/sliding seals). All wetted surface Relief Valve components shall be
constructed of stainless steel. Assembly shall be serviceable without special tools.
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