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Arbiter: Mako - MK5 - 5 Valve  Electronic Test Gauge 

Kit Includes: Test Gauge, Soft Padded case, 3 Test Hoses, 2 - Bleed Hoses & 4 - AA Batteries.

  • Capture button lets you save values so when your next customer calls, you can take the call without losing your place.
    • Capture button is also great on atmospheric valves when you would otherwise have to look at two places at once to test
  • Bright, large and easy to read display is good in the darkest places and awkward positions
  • Easy to hold in your hand.  
    • Rubber gripped rails and a well balanced tool make it easy to hold up during your testing
  • Metal and nylon hook allows you to hang your gauge when you're in a vault or have other piping around
  • Rubberized non-slip knobs allow you to control the valves with fingertip accuracy
  • Warrantied for 5 years and built to be serviced
  • 4 month battery life with daily use

Arbiter Test Gauge

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Arbiter: Mako - MK5 - 5 Valve  Electronic Test Gauge